1st Appointment – Investigation and planning
You meet our orthodontist to discuss what you would like to achieve.

We do a thorough check of your teeth and oral hygiene and possibly take X-Rays as well.

We talk you through your treatment options, the costs and likely timescales.

If you decide to go ahead, we give you a fully costed treatment plan so you know exactly what to expect.
2nd Appointment - Preparation
We do a detailed diagnostic examination, creating full dental records and measurements. This involves:
  • Taking impressions of your teeth
  • Photographing your teeth and smile
  • Special X-rays (if these have not already been done).
3rd Appointment - Fitting
We fit your bespoke braces or aligners.

It may take you a week or two to get used to wearing your device and we explain how to manage any initial discomfort.

Some patients experience sore cheeks or gums for a few days, have more saliva than usual or find their speech is altered slightly. Any symptoms should soon disappear as you adjust to your ‘new normal’.
Follow up appointments – Progress checks
We ask you to come in regularly (about every 6 weeks) so our orthodontist can check progress and make any adjustments required.

This is important, because as your teeth begin to straighten the tension and comfort of your braces or aligners will need to be closely monitored.
Removal appointment & preparation for your retainers
The big reveal! We remove your braces or aligners to fully reveal your sparkling new smile.

At this appointment we also take impressions for the construction of your bespoke retainers.

To stay looking good it’s very important to wear ‘night-time retainers’ as part of your daily routine. They are inconspicuous, comfortable and easy to wear while you sleep.
Final appointment and ongoing care
We fit your retainers. Remember to wear them at night helping to ensure your teeth retain their new shape.

From this point on you can resume your usual dental care – StraightVue Orthodontics’ job is done!